Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Basement Wall Paint Ideas

Brighten with Color

Painting adjoining walls bright white tames the orange and reflects light, eliminating any threat of basement gloom.

A Vibrant, Beautiful, Budget Finish

A thrifty solution to finishing a basement laundry room is to paint everything white--concrete-block walls in addition to the exposed floor joists and ducts overhead--and then mask the walls with curtains.

Perk Up with Plywood

For an enjoyable and reasonably priced basement wall end, attach 4-foot-square pieces of plywood to furring strips or wall studs. Vary the direction of the grain pattern to emphasize the quilted effect, by forcing the screws and play up the corners.

Create a Message Board

Staple batting and fabric to the wall prior to installing the baseboard and crown molding. Stretch wide ribbon onto the diagonal from floor to ceiling. In a decorative furniture tack, hammer at every intersection of diagonals to create a appearance that is tufted.

Start with the Fundamentals

Strips of stained timber include architectural interest, and panels of bright fabric add color.

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