Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Old Basement Renovation Ideas

Armadale Project -- Basement Bathroom & Laundry Room

Armadale Project -- Laundry Room & Basement Toilet

Italian Basement

The third bath indicates a very different style from the other two baths. "The client has a child who wanted to participate directly in the selection of the colour of his toilet. I was amused to call him, and the end result was so sudden and unexpected," Dellatorre states. "It appears to be in a paint factory where you are able to see all the Pantone colours all at one time."

Tine Halseth Vuorma

Can not you agree that all construction and designs is truly hard work -- look at the job done on this toilet and just how beautiful it is.

Ecologia Montreal

A partial wall visually divides the toilet from the bed, but the soaking bathtub and dressing table are a part of the area's open plan. To protect the wood floors, the couples use a bath mat also keeps splashes into a minimum. "The kid's bath is different from ours," Karsenti states, "but our bath is really unique: spa like and calming, a bit like Japanese soaking tub area."

Boston Beach Style Basement Bathroom

The sauna takes up around precisely the same space as the bathtub across from the shower -- but who cares? Anyone would love to receive one!

Venice Canals

I really like the tiny tiles in the bath; the glass enclosure is really sexy and is fun that matches with the wooden walls.

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